Sunday, February 23, 2014

2013 In Review - Part 2

After looking at all the horse photos I continued looking through my other files for 2013.  Even if my horse show season didn't end up as planned, Ken was able to play baseball all season, so that was good.  I got to watch a few of his games, though didn't do any of their scorekeeping this year.  Wonder if I'll do any this year?

We had some challenges with our dogs in 2013 - Annie got Bloat and had to have her stomach stitched to her abdomen (if she experiences Bloat again her stomach can't twist, which can be fatal).  And Angus' Degenerative Myelopathy continues to progress.  He's a bit wobbly now, but what's hardest is that he is mentally all there, so I'm sure he just can't understand why he can't walk and run as well as he used to.  Lucky for us Sydney had a good year - otherwise all our animals would have had something major in 2013.  Yuck.

And we got to watch all the nephews play baseball this year - Spencer and Brett came up to the Sacramento area to play and we went down to Santa Clara to watch Ryan.  It's just too bad we didn't get to spend any more time with Indy, other than at Clear Lake, or we would have hit the grand slam with the kids.

In July we saw our first live boxing match - ESPN's Friday Night Fights at Thunder Valley in July.  It was 110F - no kidding - can't believe we didn't melt in our seats.  We were about 15 rows back from the ring, (their events center is outdoors in one of the parking lots) looking into the sun.  Ugh.  But it was really neat to watch live boxing. 

And can't forget that we went down to Tucson to visit my folks.  Wasn't even Spring Training season!  We all enjoyed talking about our European River Cruise plans that weekend.

Watched Ken play baseball

Took care of Annie after her surgery - the blue donut replaces those horrid plastic eCollars

Ridgebacks have an unusual sense of comfort - Angus stayed like this for a while, too

Visited Mom and Dad in Tucson in October

What are the odds - Brett played a baseball game at the fields right next to my work - that's my office behind me

110F in July watching ESPN's Friday Night Fights

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  1. Your grandmother used to go to the Friday night fights! Never understood the attraction but she loved them. Just like her art ability, some things just skipped my generation!