Thursday, February 20, 2014

2013 Horsing Around

How to catch up on a year?  Look through photos! 

Whether it is pulling 'old' paper photos from the closet (you know the type - you had to wait days [or an hour if you had $$] to have them developed and see if you had anything worthwhile?!) or looking through all my files on my computer.  I love looking at photos to see what I've been up to.

Lucky for me I'm kinda organized (who me?) so I've got my photos labeled by type (Horse, Vacation, Family, etc), year, date, and subject.  Makes it easy at a glance to see what I've been doing over the last year.  Here are some photos from the 'Horse' folder that show our progression through 2013.

Had a fun play day including some trail class fun.  Blu hadn't ever walked over a tarp/carpet that I know of.  And I hadn't tried to open a 'gate' from his back, nor had I ever walked backwards through a serpentine.  We did it all and had fun

Literally the first time I'd ever put an english saddle on Blu was at a schooling show in Gilroy - I hadn't ridden english in at least 10 years.  On a lark I'd borrowed Kim's saddle and found my old show clothes and brought it all with me.  I'd planned on riding western that day but thought it might be a kick to try english if we both felt up for it.  I swear Blu looked at the saddle on his back and thought 'what the hell is that thing?' but within an hour I had my seat (well, as much as I could after a 10 year hiatus) and decided to go in a class.  Had about 8 horses in the class and you could have knocked me over with a feather when they called us for second!!!

I posted a bunch of pictures on my Facebook page during the Rowell Ranch Rodeo.  Five days in May spent as part of the 'Emilie Montoya 2013 Rowell Ranch Rodeo Queen Entourage' (made that up myself...sounds grand, doesn't it!  hehehe).  Had an AMAZING time.  Learned SO much about the Rodeo way of life by living it.  And truly enjoyed helping Emilie.  She's a great young lady who did a fabulous job promoting the Rowell Ranch Rodeo.

Yet another 'first' for Blu in 2013:  Sorting cows!  This short clip is the first time he'd ever been in an arena with cattle.  When two of them came towards him I was so proud of his reaction.  Actually looks like he did a little 'charge' at them as if to say 'boo!'  Now you will notice that _I_ am not on him.  Blu may not be chicken, but _I_ am!  I had no idea what Blu would do when faced with cows so I 'let' Todd ride him!  and I took photos/videos.  Figured I'll get another chance someday to try it myself.  (which brings back a memory:  MANY years ago I had the privilege of riding my Sister-in-law Kim's Grandfather's cutting horse in Washington.  Now THAT was an experience!  Truly a 'hang on and let the horse do what he's trained to do' ride!  Bucket List item 'check')

Labor Day weekend beach ride.  We actually got IN the surf.  We tagged along during Todd and Darlene's photo shoot for the article in 65 Degree Magazine - see page 66 and the photographer might have some shots of us in the ocean, but alas, I don't have any.  I just have the memory - of staring at the horizon because if you looked down at the surf you experienced the quickest case of vertigo EVER!

After some discussions with Todd we decided to see if Blu really enjoyed English.  We haven't gone back to western since.  And I think we're BOTH having a blast!

Not bad for a year without going to a rated horse show!

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