Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Weekend Started Off with a Swish

It’s been years and years since I’ve been to a basketball game.  We used to go to a Warrior game once a year for a couple years because a co-worker at Genentech had seats in the third row behind the basket.  That was fun.  When we were in our seats the players were taller than we were.  That really put you into the game.  Once we moved to Roseville we went to a few King’s games, but not very many.

Last week we got a call from our friends Ron and Christine asking if we wanted to go to a King’s game on Friday.  Ken said “Sure.”  And while it may not be my favorite pastime it was an entertaining evening.

We started with dinner at BJ’s near Arco Arena (I know the name was changed, but just as Candlestick Park will always be Candlestick, Arco will always be Arco) and Ken got a “Denise” parking spot – first spot by the door – which was great because it was pouring rain.   Dinner was delish – Christine and I both had the Pot Roast Sandwich (open-faced).  Yum.
This guy scored a lot of points

I’m not a basketball fan, I don’t know the rules, I don’t know the players, but the game was fun, especially since the King’s won (they played the Boston Celtics) – by a large margin: 120-95.  Watching the Celtics fans walking out the door in the 4th period made the Kings fans happy, I’m sure.

The Celtics put in all their "scrubs" in the fourth period 

The rest of the weekend was supposed to include riding Blu but the rain interfered with that.  Luckily for Blu (!) it didn’t rain in Aromas all week so Todd was able to work him every day.  But Friday night it started raining there and didn’t stop (for more than an hour) until mid day Sunday when we left.  We still had fun, of course!  (I know – what a surprise) 
This is how Blu spent his weekend  

Nazz, too  

Ken and Bill both came down, too.  We spent Saturday in the house having fun and preparing dinner.  Sharon found a great recipe for corned beef and cabbage (seeing as it was St Patrick’s Day) that used Guinness.  And let me tell you, it was amazing!  I wish the leftovers were at MY house! 

We made a few forays out to the barn to visit with Blu and Nazz but we never were able to get out and ride.  I’d be bummed but we had such a great time it’s hard to regret anything.

The view at Mission Ranch - see the sheep?

Sunday was Todd’s birthday and we celebrated by taking him out to brunch at Mission Ranch in Carmel  – a beautiful view and absolutely delicious food.  If you’re ever in Carmel and want a place to go for brunch – be sure to stop there.  They open at 10am and I’d advise getting there early.  We got there at 9:40 and waited at the door for them to open.  People were lining up behind us.  Luckily they opened the door right as the rain started and everyone squeezed into the lobby area (it’s really tiny) to get out of the rain.  We were seated in the “back” room – where there is a beautiful stone fireplace and windows overlooking the grassland where there were sheep grazing.  They also have patio seating but since it was raining they weren’t using it.  The food was all beautifully displayed in the “front” room.  There was something for everyone:  Omelet Station, Eggs Benedict, Bacon, Potatoes, Prime Rib, Salmon, Beef Ribs, many Salads and an amazing Dessert table.  Oh, and Mimosas!
Do we look hungry? 

We spent an enjoyable couple hours over brunch with great company and then headed back to the ranch.  As we were getting out of the car it started to rain again, nixing the idea of getting in a ride, so Ken and I packed up the camper and hit the road for home.  

It was extremely windy - crossing over the Benicia bridge was NOT fun for Ken who was driving - I'd opened the window to take this picture and we both thought the truck and camper would be blown over!  (and the picture isn't even exciting - just the Mothball Fleet)

With all the rain this weekend I guess you could say the weekend ended with a splash.

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