Sunday, September 11, 2011

Comstock Arabian Show in Carson City, Nevada

“Team Azevedo” enjoyed the day!

I took Friday off work and Sharon and I travelled to Carson City, Nevada for the Comstock Arabian Association's Fall Horse Show.  The show was a two day show, Saturday and Sunday.  We arrived in the afternoon about 10 minutes after Todd – good timing.  None of us had been there before so we got acquainted with the grounds.  The barn was unlike any other show grounds that I’d been to.  It was a large single barn with two isles and four rows of stalls.  We were smack in the middle of the barn.  The premium (a premium is a document with the rules and class list that gives all the info related to a show) indicated there were only 70 stalls and no groom stalls would be available.  But when we got there we found others who had groom stalls and because it was a fairly small show there were some stalls available including one right next to ours.  We went to the office and paid for an extra stall and were happy that we were able to.  We had a lot of stuff and it was nice to have it close at hand, rather than having to go to the trailer for everything.

Blu in his stall - hanging at the back window

Once we were unloaded and settled in we saddled up the horses and Todd got on Blu first.  It was an interesting ride.  I think that after 5 hours in the trailer Blu was antsy.  He challenged Todd at every opportunity.  Blu was also a lookey-loo and spooking at things he’s never spooked at before, like a step stool, or the closing of a tailgate.  So when Todd was finished with Blu I took him off to the wash rack.  He was a sweaty mess and needed to be cleaned for the show.  While I was bathing Blu I thought someone else had come along and was splashing me because I was getting wet.  Nope - it was raining.  Luckily it was brief.  I finished bathing Blu and brought him back to the barn.  Todd and Sharon had finished riding Nazz and Sandy and Ed (who own Little E and flew into Reno for the show) invited us to join them for dinner.  They had a reservation at a steak house and we were concerned about being totally under dressed but the restaurant made us feel welcome.  We were all starving – Sharon and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was 7:30pm.  The food was delicious! I had the Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Rum Salsa that was to die for.  We had a nice leisurely dinner and didn’t leave until 9:30.

We checked in at the Carson Station Inn & Casino.  Our room was very nice.

Because our classes weren’t until the afternoon we were able to get up at 6:30 and get ready as well has have breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.  The Egg Sandwiches were yummy.  They served them with nice ripe tomatoes.  We knew that would be all we’d eat until dinner time.  Other than the cut up fruit that I brought, we had no other snacks and we never went to the food concession.

Our friend Amy, who lives in Reno, arrived in the morning to help out and support us.  It was wonderful seeing her and it is because of Amy that I was able to get photos of the show. Thanks Amy!!!  Sharon’s friends Hal and Helen also came to watch.  We had a great group of supporters at this show.

Todd was showing Little E in halter in the morning.  The show started at 8:30 and he was in the 3rd class of the day.  They won their class and were asked if they wanted to enter an Amateur Handler class so Sandy showed her filly and had a great time.  They got Reserve Champion.  The day was starting out on a positive note.

Sharon's and my classes were after lunch and we timed things really well so that we didn’t have a lot of standing around time.  We saddled up when Little E was done with her halter classes and went to the small warm up arena (tiniest warm up I’ve ever seen) and during the lunch break we rode in the main arena.  Blu was much better.  More like his normal self.  Yay!  No repeat of yesterday's antics.

  Todd on Blu

I mentioned the other day that the show has two judges.  One judge was for Region 3 (the Region I show in 90% of the time) and the other for Region 7 (The Scottsdale show in February is Region 7).  For each class that we entered there were two sets of results and two ribbons handed out.  Todd rode Blu in the second class of the afternoon -Half Arabian Western Pleasure Junior Horse - and had a very nice ride.  The Region 7 judge liked Blu and they got a first place!  The Region 3 judge gave them a second place.  In their second class (Half Arabian Western Pleasure Open) Blu was pretty fast but got two 4th place ribbons.  I was very happy with the rides. 

   Sharon on Nazz

The way the show was scheduled they grouped all the Western Pleasure classes together so there was an Arabian Western Pleasure Open followed by a Half Arabian Western Pleasure Open, and for each class it went that way.  Arabian class followed by Half Arabian of the same name.  Sharon and Nazz’s first class was the Arabian Western Pleasure Open -it was the class between the two Todd rode Blu in.  Nazz was a very good boy.  Sharon really rode smart and looked like a pro.  I was hoping she’d win, but both judges gave her 3rd place.   Turns out that was the worst that she did all day!  After that class it was time for me to get on Blu and get myself ready so I didn’t get to watch all her rides but I heard her name called for first place in one of her classes!  Yahoo!  I shouted and clapped from the warm up ring.  She had a couple more classes and got multiple 2nd Place ribbons.  A nice day for Sharon and Nazz!

  Kathy and Blu

I rode Blu in two classes.  My first class was AAOTR (Adult Amateur Owner To Ride) and it was fun.  I think it was the first time I rode at the Hand Gallop (faster than a lope) in a class.  If it wasn’t I can at least say it was the most memorable.  We’d been spending so much time getting Blu to slow down that it was weird to ask him to go faster.  I was cruising him around at the lope when they called for the hand gallop and I looked over to Todd who was standing at the rail and he was motioning me to go faster.  So I kicked it up a notch.  It was totally fun!  Blu got both his leads with no problem at all, too.  And had a nice jog.  The only real bobble was when we were coming into the line up at the end of the class Blu thought I was asking him for a lope.  So there was a bit of a spurt, but nothing bad.  Both judges gave us 2nd place.  Our second class was Novice Horse – I was competing against other horses who hadn’t won 3 blue ribbons.    The ride was great.  He picked up the correct leads, he had a nice jog both directions and he was solid in the hand gallop.  I had a big smile while I was riding, it was so fun.  And now I have to check the rules to make sure I can still show in the Novice class at the DAHA show in a couple weeks because we WON our class!  Both judges placed us FIRST!  I got TWO blue ribbons!  Awesome!!  I was on cloud nine.  So, just like the Maiden class that I can’t show in anymore Novice is now also one of those I can't show in any more.  Blu now has 4 blue ribbons to his name!

Some of the ribbons Nazz and Blu won Saturday afternoon.

Our class was the last one for all of us - our day was finished.  We packed up the trailer so in the morning Todd would be able to load up the horses and hit the road early.  We went to Red's Old 395 Grill for dinner.  A whole crowd – table for 8 – and we all enjoyed good food. If you’re ever in Carson City I recommend stopping here for a bite.


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  1. Fabulous! TWO blue ribbons! Awesome! I'm so proud of you and Blu!