Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ken's baseball team party and last games of the season

Ken's a Pitcher for the Giants in the NABA league and their 21 game season ended this week.  It was a sad weekend for him.  But on the fun side we were hosting the annual team party and the weather was perfect.  So much fun was had that I forgot to take photos.  Which may be a good thing!  The Moms/Wives and kids enjoyed the pool and spa and the guys enjoyed the pool too.  Huey competed in his own version of the belly flop competition when he did a shallow dive that made a BIG splash!   Hot dogs and Hamburgers fed the group - we went the easy route this year.

As in past years we somehow managed to plan the party on the day before a double header.  Yet all the players that were at the party were at the games.

Not sure exactly how it came about but during the party Ken mentioned that he'd always wanted to play all 9 positions in a game.  People agreed that it would be pretty fun and when it was game time on Sunday morning Ken started at 1st base.

Ken at first base

Ken fielding a ball playing second

He didn't get a play at third

He caught a pop up at Shortstop

Ken played all three outfield positions in one inning.  He caught a fly ball in Left field, moved to Center field while Jeremy took Left for the second out, and then switched to Right field when he and Ron traded positions.  This video made me laugh watching them switch positions.

Ken put on Catcher's gear to take a position he hasn't played since Little League

A picture I'll possibly never get again.

I put together a two minute video of Ken's catching debut.

And of course, I had to get a photo of him during one of his at bats.  See the ball on it's way to the plate?

Thanks to all the players who gave up their fielding position for an inning to allow Ken to cross an item off his Bucket List.

The NABA Giant's 2011 season is over.  But now it's Football season and our first Fantasy Football draft is Friday.

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